Transform your business in less than a week: a first-timers guide to Market.

First, why should you come to High Point Market? Put simply, it’s the home of home furnishings. With more than 11,500,000 square feet of showroom space, pretty much anything you’d like to find is in one location, so it’s easy to get a lot accomplished in just a few days. There are also plenty of things to discover for the first time. It is a truly inspiring experience, where designers and buyers come to explore trends and get new ideas to grow their businesses.

That leads us to another major reason to come: networking. We are so lucky to be in an industry where people help each other. You can learn a lot here, whether at professional seminars or a casual conversation. This place is filled with enthusiasm and positive vibes. We are a fun, welcoming group. If it’s your first time, it will be exhilarating.

We make it free and easy.
Planning your trip is a bit like planning a vacation, so High Point Market does everything possible to make it easy for you. We have an online planning guide and even a concierge service that will do a lot of your planning and bookings for free. When you arrive, there are free shuttles from three different airports, free hotel shuttles and free shuttles that will take you from showroom to showroom. You can also take our free first-timers guided tour, get tips and insights from our in-person Market Guides, and sign up for free seminars (some of which serve free food).

It’s all for you.

Finally, it’s important to remember that High Point Market is a business trip. Sure, we have tons of fun, but people come here to build their businesses. Thousands of new products are launched, and just as many deals are made. There are no other tourists. It’s just you and everyone else in our business, the people you need to know and who will want to know you. We hope to see you this October.

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